Monday, January 30, 2017

A Birthday Party, Australia Day, A Movie Date and Arthritis. 30.1.17

Gran had her birthday party last night.  This year we decided to take the party to her.
It is increasingly difficult to get Pa out of the house and Gran is more comfortable if he is too.  Soooo, we packed a party in the car and headed over late yesterday afternoon!

Great chinese food tastes just as good on plastic plates!  Hey, I just got a hoot out of the dishwashing routine after .. straight into the garbage bin.  Loved it!

Everyone pitched in.  The table was set and bases all loaded for a super casual but very tasty birthday dinner.  Mum and Dad sat on the lounge and let us have our way with their kitchen.  This isn't always as easy as it sounds.  But yesterday, new heights of acceptance were reached.  They sat and visited and we worked.  It was "good".

We went into Brisbane city on Australia Day.  It was hot but we found a shady spot to wait for Phoebe and her friends at the Queensland Museum.  We visited to Book Fair at the Convention Centre.  I found several bargains for the new school year.  Just today I was using the Children's Colour Atlas I nabbed at the Fair!  $1 for a full colour, hard backed World Atlas.  I love maps!

The city was surprisingly quiet.  The obligatory demonstrations flowed peaceably with Police escort over the Melbourne Street Bridge but all in all, it was the day to be in the City.  Who knew!

I am loving this bag on the top right of this picture.  It was a gift from my dear friend Liz and is made of different colour masking tape.  I use it for Bible Study time.  All my resources in one very easy and transparent place.  I need all the helps I can get to be faithful in quiet time.

This is the truth.  I do choose to be instructed and not "influenced".

Jedidiah and I had a movie date.  These holidays have been busy with the two girls and I just didn't get to do much with or for Jed.  Apart from a few swimming outings, he has spent these holidays watching me come and go ferrying girls to this place and that.

Last week we hit the shopping centre for snacks.  I had the weight watcher bar and sparkling mineral water thank you and he had the popcorn, juice popper and snickers pods ..
We sat and watched Moana.  I enjoyed it!  I'm not a movie goer but I enjoyed this one.  Although because I'm not a movies type of gal, my excitement at the facilities, the candy bar, the seats, the music and the story being played out so loudly and colourfully in front of me was .. embarrassing .. apparently.  So you don't tap your feet to the music and you certainly don't cheer when the goodies save the day.  Well OK but I smiled an awful lot then.

Our dearest Sophie dog has arthritis.  We have noticed small yelps, stumbling up the stairs lately and then the last straw was a cry as she got up from her bed.  We rang Dr Paul straight away and she was seen the same day.  Sophie is 7 and in good range of having developed Arthritis.  She has it in her hips and left shoulder.  Dr Paul described a very successful regime of tablets and injections over the next month, then six months then yearly.  Very doable.

Sophie is a daily reminder of how I can be in devotion to God.  Sophie is never happier than when she sees me whether in the morning after the night or when I walk in the laundry door coming in from the clothesline .. She longs to sit at my feet, never asks for a thing (although those doe eyes do seem to let me see right down to her heart) yet somehow I know what she needs .. Sophie just wants to be with me, to please me.
May I be as Sophie with my dear Father in Heaven.  May I long to see Him, delight to be with Him and desire to please Him with the best of my ability.  No more and no less!

Just a slice of our days around here lately!
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