Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Actually 22.11.16

Back from the tailors and Phoebe goes to the hair salon.  Around here, actually.

Ready for church this past Sunday.  Jedidiah patiently let me catch this pose in his new jacket and shirt fresh back from our favourite tailor!

I really appreciate a good men's tailor and dressmaker.  

No matter what I give to him, he measures us up in a flash, puts literally two - four pins in and assures me it will be ready by the next week ...

Once I asked him where he learnt his trade.  He was taught by a good friend who owned a men's store in London.  He learnt well.

Emmeline and myself included are self taught and very limited in dressmaking but Emm has a special touch to anything she does whether in sewing or craft or art in general.  I'd love to have her formally taught.  So far, the only dressmaking classes I've seen for her age have been in school holiday times and doing simple craft projects as a one off rather than formal dressmaking skills.

No doubt another avenue as a home school Mum I will study and search out.

Being silly but there you go!  We had Phoebe's lovely long hair given a tidy up and Lani from Naturally Organic Hair Salon at North Lakes did a fabulous job and really got into the spirit of the Saturday morning out with Mum and Dad and braided Phee's hair.

Mathew get going away and coming back to see if we were finished.  He couldn't believe how long it took (it wasn't that long, just that Dad doesn't understand ladies and their hair ..)

Lots of fun and a great experience for Phee.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

Proverbs 31:30

As in all things, as we seek to raise our daughters, we try to let them enjoy being a girl, to enjoy being feminine and teach them to respect themselves and be modest.

That fine line to be able to stand among their peers and choose their values, all the while having a sweet spirit and a joy within which surpasses understanding.
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