Monday, October 17, 2016

Remembering When

Family Day.  We faithfully had a family day out every sixth Saturday.
I remember this day.  We found a simple park on the Maroochy River.

Jedidiah looks like Emmeline's dolly here!  This was a park in Chermside West that we loved.  It had a great flying fox and climbing equipment.  A bottle of water, a sandwich each and we were off.

These were the times where team work and caring for one another had a chance to be practically learnt.

Homeschooling table in full swing.  Just as it was this morning.  In my 17th year of home education this year.  One day at a time.

Phoebe learning the ropes of the laundry room.  Today at 13 she is my laundry boss.  Phoebe processes the washing, drying, folding and putting away for this 8 person household.  She earns a decent wage and works faithfully each day.

My three daughters all raised up cooking in the kitchen.  When they were little, we did some of the kitchen chores like blending and chopping on a clean board and a clean towel on the floor simply because it was easier than teetering dangerously on a stool all the time.  When I was right beside them they loved to hop on this stool and be at the "big" bench.

Budd and Mum at Lake Samsonvale.  This day was soo hot and steamy I remember it.  It was school holidays and I drove around the Lake and found a shady area.  This is a special photo to me.  Maybe one day I'll post why.

Even back then, they didn't always like Mum taking pictures.  Thank goodness I did anyway!

My last baby, Jedidiah.  Oh, how I've loved each baby and child.  I'd have more if I was able but there has to be the last ...

One of those sixth Saturdays!  This time to the Bunya Mountains.

A special day at Dad's work!  We were so proud!

Jedidiah in Sunday School way back when with the Sword of Faith !

And He has been with us each and every day.  I'm a little tired, a little disappointed, a little bewildered but my joy is complete.

All my hopes, prayers and dreams.  All my efforts, sacrifices and energy have been for Him to be glorified in their joy filled lives.
For each one of my children to simple know Him, not religiously follow any particular brand or church but to know Christ personally as their Lord God and as their own Saviour.

To simply, as a child all their days, "count it all joy to believe".

Sounds simple enough yet it is everything.  It is rare and precious.  It is only by God's grace.  It is a miracle.

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Matthew 10:30
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