Tuesday, October 25, 2016


New glasses, a game of soccer, open house, home school and career moves!  Around here "actually" this week!

Several weeks ago now, Jedidiah came to me and told me his vision was blurry!
This was the first I'd ever heard of it.  At first I really wondered if it was nothing, maybe too much Minecraft?!  Over the next several days he consistently complained.  His reading level is good, his school work hasn't showed any signs of a vision problem but yet, he'd never been for an eye test so we went.

To my amazement the eye exam showed he does have a need for single lens glasses which will help him during times of concentration.  He picked out these frames and we took advantage of a 2 for 1 offer so he has a spare pair also.

Phoebe and Emmeline kicked off a new term of Youth Group with a picnic and game of cricket at Roma Street Parklands recently.  Rain threatened but the afternoon was dry and loads of fun.

Soccer followed.  A ball and some friends in all ages and sizes = Fun!

Ann Street Presbyterian Church participated in the Open House Weekend in Brisbane recently.  We manned the doors and welcomed over 500 people on the Saturday.

Ours is a church in the city with much history and is heritage listed.  Loads to see and enjoy.  We had the organ play at regular intervals and it was a privilege to welcome those who came through the doors.

Some of the ladies had been baking and making for weeks prior.  We made over $700 at this stall with the proceeds going to our mission fund.

Tea, coffee and sandwiches together with tables and chairs were provided complimentary for those who wanted to stay a little longer!  It was a warm day and this forecourt area is always cool and shaded.  Perfect for conversation and loads of great opportunities to share our lives as Christians.

School is in the final 8 weeks for 2016.  Where did the year go.  Really!  This is the time of year I begin to look at what books are nearly finished and what stage we are each at on our curriculum guides for the grade levels each child is on.  If I can fast track a book to align more closely with a particular child's more accurate grade level I do.

One of the things about home schooling - we work through each book.  If we know the work, we move on.  If we are struggling through, we go slow.  One page a day if that's all we can do in a particular subject.  We stop even and do remedial work in a different text book if further understanding is needed, so books can be grades behind.  It can't compare with school.  It is based on the child's ability, not their age.  

And so, subsequently, by this time of year, some children are behind and others are not.  We have been able to fast track Jedidiah in Math and English.  He will align better next year with his grade level.  Yay!

The eldest children are restlessly but busily placing themselves for next year.  Mathew Jnr will return to University for further IT studies, adding a more creative and hands on knowledge of computing in media arts and production.

Charlotte will move into her own place after coming home from Sydney last year at the end of her Graduate Program and placement.  The idea was to come home, travel, then look to move out permanently.  We inspected a few rental properties this week.  

Budd had an extensive medical and aptitude testing morning for a major career move this past week also.  We are awaiting the results of that.

So much for this mother's heart.  So much to give to God, so much to pray about and think about and yes, I worry about.  Yet .... it is well with my soul!

I have the joy each week of meeting for Bible study with a dear and new friend.  I visit and connect with my pastoral care team and those we visit too.

Being involved in others' lives gets busy and it gets messy too.  One day at a time, as we all live and grow in the Lord's Will for our lives, it is nothing short of a mercy and grace to share our burdens and our joys with one another.  Over and again, I'm the one blessed by these ones He puts in my path.

As I share my load, He grows me.

Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2
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