Monday, September 5, 2016


This past week has been another wonderful ride of emotions for me.
My trusty back muscles decided to seize up just randomly after we got home from church last Sunday.  I stepped out of the car and knew I wasn't doing much that afternoon ... aargh! I had things to do this week.  But, isn't there always?!

Monday, we travelled to the airport to farewell Charlotte and Mathew on their much awaited overseas odyssey.  When the last moment arrived to say our final goodbyes there was a rushed gate change due to their aircraft going unserviceable.  They raced off down the airport concourse, I waved vaguely at their backs "I'll meet you at the gate" I called into the melee'.  Well I did.
All the planning, all the praying and all the excitement came down to a rushed hug whilst standing in line to board at the new gate.  I looked each child in the eye and loved them in that one moment of time.  How to convey my thoughts at such a moment as this.  But, they knew.  And, so did I.  My eldest children have grown up alongside of me learning to be their Mother.  They have seen me stumble and fall and they have been with me through all our greatest triumphs and moments as a family.  I am so grateful for them and I am most grateful to my heavenly Father who alone has taught me what it is to be a godly Mother. 

Mathew was crowned Lord of the Grill by Phoebe for Fathers' Day.  What a hoot!  He loved the shirt and the too big shorts but was a great sport and just put a belt on the shorts and wore them all afternoon.

Jedidiah and I travelled to see my Dad for Fathers' Day.  Although only a short visit, it was nice to remember Dad and put a smile on his face for an hour or so.  Jed is so funny.  If we are going to see Pa and stop by the store for cream cake, he asks for his favourite donuts and chocolate bar and proceeds not to eat them once we are there only to prefer Gran's pantry food and juice poppers in the fridge.  I think they taste better!

I went to the GROW Women's Convention on Saturday.  A day long conference focussing on the book of Job in the Old Testament.  A day of wonderful Bible teaching and fellowship with guest speaker Nancy Guthrie.

I learnt among many other things that my understanding of who God is helps me accept what He gives to me.

Mathew sent this image yesterday from their day at Yosemite National Park.  I am in awe.  What a great and good God we serve.

Phoebe and Jadyn have decided on their elvish writing code to write each other.  My older children have always had pen pals.  I have found the practice to not only bring them new friends and to learn about different cultures and ways, but a source of writing, spelling, comprehension and grammar practise.  I'm so grateful to our pen pal family in the U.S for their friendship and faithfulness to my girls!

Mathew was outfitted by a gentlemen's tailor for a new wardrobe.  Will be the bees knees for his new position starting September!!!

Phoebe was gifted with this acoustic guitar by some friends of ours who moved house.  She will be having lessons come October and is so excited to learn to play!

With these two overseas I understood the term "I have an empty space".  How many times did I set the table for them, call them for dinner or imagine I saw their headlights through the curtains coming home for dinner at night .. it's strange not to have Mathew home, at his desk at the end of the hall or Charlotte home from work giving us all the details of life at the hospital today.  Yet, I'm thrilled for them.  I'm thankful to God for this opportunity of such a wonderful trip and probably more so, by the fact that they are such good friends to be able to and then to want to travel together as brother and sister.  May that never be taken from them Lord.

Ha.  I didn't actually do this but it very aptly represents my mind frame on different occasions this week.  A little scattered.  However, I was calm.

There are darker issues at play this week too.  I'd prefer not to blog about them.  They aren't trivial but God has them in hand.  I know.  I have seen Him.

My hope for these issues is a person. 
My hope is in the living person of Christ Jesus.
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