Thursday, June 16, 2016


Mathew celebrated his birthday recently!  Phoebe made him this very special sign with a sweet message on the flip side.  So proud of this man and the tough decisions he has bravely made lately.  We have both cleaved to the Lord and prayerfully waited on Him for wisdom and clarity.

In times of plenty it's easy to have faith, in times of tribulation and aloneness, it is not so easy yet somehow far more rewarding to leave and cleave.  In this case to leave worry and this world and its ways and cleave to Christ, truth and faith.

We have mexican fiesta night for Budd's graduation.

He was very pleased.

It's hard to get us all in for a selfie.  Lucky Budd is such a tall guy, his long arms come in handy!

Tacos, cheesy bread, nachos, spicy wedges, mexican salad.  Then special ice cream for dessert.

Thank God for celebrations, for family, for achievements, for community and a place to call Home.

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