Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Master Jedidiah turned 10 this week.  Due to Pa being in hospital suddenly we had to have his birthday celebrations over two different days.  We were able to finish up and have birthday cake and party games last night.

It was probably a bit of a stretch for some of the older children this year to play dancing statues and do a treasure hunt (depends on what you are hunting for I guess!) but they humbled themselves and got into the little boy's party atmosphere complete with water balloon fights and balloon games.

Towards the end of the afternoon we discovered a 3/4 deflated balloon on the end of some wool can be thrown like a discus through the air for a whole lot of height and distance.  We had loads of fun throwing this little deflated balloon clear over the Poinsiana tree in our backyard and up the length of the yard.  Whoever ran fastest and caught it got to have the next go .. the little things.

As I watched the children play and listened to them laugh I realised how they are growing up.  How Jedidiah is still a little guy and the rest have passed over into early adolescence, young adult stage.  When did that happen?  It is dear to me that they relate to each other especially downwards.  It's all too easy to want to do what older brother/sister do but harder and requires much more grace to relate to the younger sibling.

Jedidiah is our baby.  I really can't call him that any more.  I wish he had a younger brother or sister to nurture.  It would help him grow up too.  But, someone has to be the youngest!  And, in this home, it will be Jed.
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